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domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2015

Estou fazendo a diferença ?

What difference you make in the world

Being different does not mean you have to go against everything and everyone, no.
There is two-way to be different. in the pejorative or constructive.
in the pejorative! no need to apply that term, because even people, to do evil the world is already full.
Now in the construction it is a palpable matter and greatly to be updated to this issue.
constructive is simply build something decent and honorable for .the company that you have done honor to the world?
it is not necessary to be a great and good political to do something good for the world or society and not be a religious leader.
Being different is even though you're anonymous, do something good ... especially within your casa.não point you be a big influence on the world, if you are a bad example among his. the world exists poque no family in it. all wear or difficulty of a family reflects the world today.
The world is going from bad to worse simply because they do not treat people like family, but with strangers, thus makes it clear that humans lost control of what is right or wrong. we talk about peace, but that the world has peace must first be peace within ourselves. there this secret. want to be difference in the world? have peace and love .ame own you first, then try to change the world.


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